Principales collaborations


Projets Européens



ERA-Net NEURON consortium (ABETAID – May 2013-April 2016) is addressing the Abeta species involved in neurotoxicity and their therapeutic consequences. It is made of four internationally-recognized European laboratories (Erich Wanker, Berlin, Germany ; Bart De Strooper, Leuven, Belgium ; Giuseppe Lembo, Italy and ours).



The FP6 PhD Graduate School (NEURAD Oct. 2006-March 2010) was dedicated to study Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The common aim of the consortium was to study the early patho-mechanisms of AD, the consequences for the functioning of neuronal networks and for deficits in memory performance in animal models. In this network, we welcomed a Belgian PhD student, Charlotte Delay, in co-sponsorship between KU Leuven and Inserm/University of Lille 2 (PhD supervisors : Prof. J. Winderickx and Dr MC Galas). Most of our PhD students also had the opportunity for participating to either NEURAD Summer schools or seminars. As one of the main laboratories, the third NEURAD summer school (out of 4) was organized in Lille.

Our laboratory was also involved in a FP7 European project entitled MEMOSAD (Memory loss in AD – Jan 2008-June 2011). The latter was structured in four scientific work packages (WP). WP1 and WP2 focused, respectively, on the characterization of the Abeta and tau assemblies that disrupt signalling pathways essential for synaptic plasticity and memory, and on the identification of those pathways. Luc Buée was the leader of WP3, which addressed the mechanistic link between Abeta and tau. Finally, WP4 focused on target validation and the pre-clinical evaluation of Abeta- and tau-anti-aggregation therapeutic strategies. MEMOSAD aimed at defining the molecular mechanisms of Abeta- and tau-induced synaptotoxicity and at developing disease-modifying therapeutics for the prevention of memory loss in AD.


Collaborations Internationales

  • Matt Blurton-Jones, Irvine, CA
  • Jean-Pierre Brion, Brussels, BE
  • Detlev Boison, Portland, OR
  • Bart De Strooper, Leuven, BE
  • Rudi D’Hooge, Leuven, BE
  • Nicole Déglon, Lausanne, CH
  • Maria Jose Diogenes, Lisbon, P
  • Spiros Efthimiopoulos, Athens, GR
  • Nicole Gallo-Payet, Sherbrooke, CA
  • Sébastien S. Hébert, Quebec, CA
  • Michael Heneka, Bonn, D
  • Catherine Ledent, Brussels, B
  • Luisa Lopes, Lisbon, P
  • Lenka Maletinska, Prague, CZ
  • Christa Müller, Bonn, G
  • Outero T, Goettingen, G
  • Emmanuel Planel, Quebec, CA
  • Patrizia Popoli, Rome, I
  • Wiep Scheper, Amsterdam, NL
  • Joris Winderickx, Leuven, BE

Collaborations nationales

  • Philippe Amouyel, Inserm, Lille – Porteur du LabEx DISTALZ
  • Pascal Antoine, Univ. Lille 3, Lille – LabEx DISTALZ
  • Eliette Bonnefoy, Inserm, Paris – EPITAUDNA – ANR
  • Anne-Laurence Boutillier, Strasbourg –ATACAD – ANR
  • Nathalie Cartier-Lacave, Fontenay-aux-Roses – FRC/France Alzheimer
  • Frédéric Checler, CNRS, Sofia-Antipolis– LabEx DISTALZ
  • Jacques Epelbaum, Inserm, Paris – SOMADOLF – ANR
  • Geneviève Gourdon, Inserm, Paris – NEUROSPLICEDETAU – ANR
  • Olivier Hanon, AP-HP, Paris – Baltazar – PHRC
  • Philippe Hantraye, CEA, Fontenay aux Roses – PRIMATAU – FCS Plan Alzheimer
  • Emmanuel Hirsch, AP-HP, Paris – LabEx DISTALZ
  • Pierre Kryskowiak, Amiens – RHLF (Réseau Huntington de Langue Francaise)
    et responsable du centre de compétence Huntington Lille-Amiens de l’EHDN (European Huntington Disease Network)
  • Sylvain Lehmann, CHU Montpellier – CYTOKALZ – ANR
  • Guy Lippens, CNRS, Lille – LabEx DISTALZ
  • Florence Pasquier, CHRU Lille – LabEx DISTALZ