Team N°3 Inserm U837 “Factors of persistence of leukemic cells” focused on the discovery of factors that contribute to the long-term persistence of leukemic cells such as tumor dormancy, and to the characterization of genomic markers predictive of the evolution of myeloid malignancies in general and more specifically of acute myeloid leukemia. The team is located in Institut pour la Recherche sur le Cancer de Lille (Lille Cancer Research Institute, for its cell biology and high throughput genomic technologies and in hematology laboratory for the Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire (CHU) de Lille (Lille Academic Hospital) for its tumor cell bank and translational molecular biology activities. The team shares the same building with the high throughput genomic facility (Plateforme de Génomique Fonctionnelle de l’Université) and Flow cytometry and Cell sorting platforms and several team members are involved in both activities. Team 3 is historically linked with the Department of Clinical Hematology (Service des Maladies du Sang, CHU), the Laboratory of Hematology , and the Department of cytogenetic form the nearby academic hospital. Several team members are primary affiliated to the CHU, and research projects are directly issued from this high degree of integration.

Team 3 is also a key contributor to the “Tumor dormancy” axis of the Lille Comprehensive Cancer Center (SIRIC OncoLille) that was granted by Institut National du Cancer in 2013.