Cellular culture

L1, L2, L3 platforms
Marie-Laure Caillet-Boudin

Numerous cellular models are developed to study the mechanisms involved in the different pathologies studied in the centre. The use of these models needs the approval of the « genetical engineering Office » of the research ministry which watches over the correct use of the genetically modified organisms.

Experiments using cellular models are classified in categories according to the eventual risks taken by manipulators and the risk for the environment. As a function of this classification, cell culture commitments are defined following precise criteria including both the local and equipment.

The centre is equipped of three types of laboratories for cell cultures: L1 laboratories needs only a local with a door; L2 laboratories, for experiments at low risk, are locals maintained in depression and separated from rest of the laboratory by a dressing room maintained in surpression; one L3 laboratory with a “double bailer” room and air filtered by absolute filters. Each of the L2 and L1 laboratories are attributed for selected cultures. For instance, continuous cell line cultures, primary culture of human cells, primary culture of rodent cells, radiolabelling, virus production, bacterial cultures..

Pièce de culture

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In close concert with the centre direction office, the « L2 centre » group has the task to specify the fitting and the maintenance of the different laboratories and their equipment, to look after the conformity of these laboratories, to establish a guide of correct rules to work in these laboratories.