International Collaborations

The various teams of the Centre developed collaborations with numerous research laboratories in the world. Two International partnerships with other Research Centres are notably emblematic.

Saban Research Institute, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, USA.

The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles ranks among the top five independent pediatric research institutions in the USA. The mission of the Saban Research Institute is to foster an environment of scientific excellence where biomedical research will lead to discoveries involving the molecular, cellular and clinical understanding of childhood development. Headed by Dr. Richard Simerly, the Neuroscience program of the Saban Research Institute aims to study how neural circuits controlling body weight and reproduction develop. Specifically, Dr. Simerly’s laboratory published some of the most significant papers into how hormones control wiring of the developing hypothalamus.

The creation of an Inserm “associated laboratory” between the team 2 of our Research Center and Dr. Simerly’s Neuroscience Program will provide significant research resources and a formal framework for continued collaboration between these two renowned laboratories. This international recognition will also confirm our unique standing in the field of Neuroscience (specifically in the field of hypothalamic development and plasticity) and will accelerate expansion of the international reputation of the two laboratories.

International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Warsaw, Poland.